Hall of Fame

Since 1978 the Central Iowa Fairboard has presented a Hall of Fame award to an individual(s) who has contributed extensively in someway to the Central Iowa Fair and or the fairboard/fairgrounds. These individuals have all went above and beyond to help support the fair and the board in various ways. Whether it be helping with the county fair, working with youth or extension, serving on the board, being a director and share holder, working on fundraising projects, helping with the race track or working with renovations. We proudly solute these individuals and thank them for their support.

1978  Voss McKibben, Greta Bowers
1979  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goecke
1980  Mr. & Mrs. Art Knudson
1981  Harold Peterson
1982  Harold Elsberry
1983  Howard Vint, Clair "Bud" Mason, Bill White
1984  Carl Bonzer
1985  Hulda Bartine
1986  Willard Merryman
1987  Gene Baker
  John Henry Nickerson
1989  Allan Schrock
1990  Louis C. Goecke
1991  Bob & Elaine Fuller
1992  George Dannen
1993  Gene Neven
1994  Louis Hibbs
1995  Roger E. Harrison
1996  Lawrence White
1997  Elvin Groth
  Marilyn Hilleman
1999  Daryl Breniman
2000  Larry Wollam
2001  Kenneth Hesmer
2002  Esther Mosher
2003  Jeff Hibbs
2004  Jack Pickard
2005  Virgil Peterson, Patti Breniman
2006  Dale Devig
2007  LeRoy Stewart
  George & Mary Jo Baitinger
2009  Dr. Jack Robinson D.V.M.
2010  Kay Eggers
2011  Pat Miltenberger
2012  Denny Grabenbauer
2013  Doni Shelton
2014  Jeff Wollam
2015  Elaine Crouse
2016  Tom and Sue Hemesath
2017  Perry Moore